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Февраль 14, 2008

09:47 am: Goodbye, New York; hello, new life
(Special Valentine's Day announcement)

I haven't posted anything here in a good while, but I figured it would be a good way to very publicly announce and record something that I kept a very private matter for a long, long time:

Four days ago, Marie (damndirtydyke) and I went to the top of Haleakala to watch the sun rise. Of course, even in Maui, it's very, very cold at an elevation of 10,000 feet before sunup, but we came prepared. In addition to bundling up against the cold, we folded the back seat of her Jeep down flat and converted the whole back section in to a big comfy bed, complete with a big fluffy comforter, so that after the drive up in the wee small hours, we could take a warm nap while waiting for the sun to get ready to come out, instead of standing around outside and shivering with everybody else who made it up the mountain.

Right on schedule, at 6:53 local time, the sun came up, throwing splashes of light and color across the sky and the clouds (which, at that elevation, were several thousand feet below us) before threatening to blind us with its bare disk and flooding Haleakala Crater with light. After the sun had risen a couple of degrees of arc above the horizon, and the sky had taken a more uniform color, we walked back to the car for another nap, both of us tired from the reduced amount of sleep, and cold from standing outside. Then, as we curled up, holding each other under the comforter, I asked Marie to marry me.

Now might be a good time to fill in with a little bit of background information. For the past four years, Marie has been my partner in life, love, and friendship. The romantic part of our relationship might be described as "on again, off again", but the love deep in the core of our relationship had always bonded us strongly together as best friends after our initial aborted attempt at romance. When Marie moved to Maui at the end of the summer, we stayed closely in touch, and came to realize how much we still needed each other. For the past few months, we have been discussing and planning our future together, and so well before the trip up the mountain that Sunday morning, both of us knew quite well that eventually one of us would propose marriage to the other, but there was just something about the words "Will you marry me?" coming out of my mouth, and her lack of hesitation in answering, and just the general magic of the moment that came together so perfectly.

Marie has no plans to return as a permanent resident of NYC just yet, nor does she plan on staying on Maui, and so for us to spend the rest of our lives together, we both must leave to live somewhere else. I have my own fair share of obligations here, which I have given myself until the beginning of September to wrap up. At that time, my current lease expires, and some time shortly before or after I move out of that apartment, Marie will come join me in NYC for a few months. We will most likely live with my parents for a few months, to wait out the winter and hang on to my a little bit longer to save some more money before we pack up and go, because after leaving New York, there will be a period of time where neither of us is tied down to anything in particular, and we will go on a long vacation together in Europe at some point in the spring of 2009, before we start our new life together in Portland, OR.

The wedding will take place in or near NYC, either immediately before the trip, or some time after we move to Portland (we will return to NYC for the wedding). You'll all be invited, but we need to figure out the specifics first.

Март 5, 2007

11:47 am: Another one bites the dust.
It sucks when you open your e-mail inbox, see a message with someone's name as the subject, and your first thought is: "Shit, he's dead."

It sucks more when you're right.

Goodbye, Chris.


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Декабрь 2, 2006

03:47 pm: Please, for fuck's sake, don't drink and drive.
Eric Ng was killed last night by a drunk driver near Houston Street on the West Side Greenway. The driver somehow managed to drive on the greenway and mowed him down.

Октябрь 30, 2006

12:47 am: Kids These Days...
So a guy brings in a PowerBook. He says that every time he starts up the computer, the icon of his hard drive ends up in the corner on the lower right, instead of the upper right. He can move it to the upper right, and it will stay there until he restarts again. I take a quick look, and sure enough, it's just as he says. It smelled like a corrupted .DS_Store file in his Desktop folder to me, so naturally, I fire up Terminal.app to delete the offending file, as that's the quickest way I could think of to delete an invisible file.

The guy's kid, who couldn't be more than 8 or 10 years old, is watching everything I'm doing with much interest, and faster than I could type "rm ~/Desktop/.DS_Store", he starts shouting:

"zOMG! Wow, dad! Check it out! The computer store guy is hax0ring your computer! Loook! He's in the terminal bash! That's so cool! The terminal bash!"

The dad seems almost embarrassed to ask his son, "What's the 'terminal bash'?"

"C'mon, get with the program, dad! The terminal bash; it's for hax0ring. It's..." (at this point, the kid starts rattling off some numbers, which didn't seem to make any sense to me. No doubt something to do with the "terminal bash"... "... Seriously, dad. Get with the program!"

Anyway, after deleting the .DS_Store file, I moved his HD icon back to where he wanted it, restarted, and sure enough, it stayed put. Ph33r my 1337 hax0ring 5ki11z!!!!!!!!!!11

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Октябрь 20, 2006

09:47 am: Why is your mother bored?
Scene: squittycat, jsoltren, and jsoltren's mom are standing around a table, looking at a motherboard.

Mom: (Pointing at a heatsink) Hey, it looks like a little building!
Jose: Yes, mom. It's a little building. With lots of angry heat-transfering workers inside.
Mom: (Now pointing at PCI slots) ...and those look like trains. Are they trains?
Daniel and Jose, simultaneously: No; they're actually more like buses.

GROAAAAAANNNNNN bad computer humor.

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Октябрь 15, 2006

02:47 pm: I cleaned my room.
Those of you who have seen my room know I'm a total slob. Well, I'm proud to report that today I'm trying to make a dent in my slobitude, and it's going pretty well so far.

It all started when my boss decided to get rid of a dresser that he bought a long time ago that had basically been taking up space:


more photos inside...Свернуть )

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Октябрь 13, 2006

11:47 pm: On "Vegetarianism"
Please don't read this if you don't eat meat (for ethical reasons), but do eat dairy and/or eggs, and are easily offended.Свернуть )

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12:47 am: One man's trash...
So for the past couple of days, my neighbor(s) two doors down the hall has had an old computer tower outside of his/her/their door. Generic whitebox computer, two optical drives, onboard video and LAN, no HD, RAM, or gfx card, other than onboard. It seemed to be abandoned, but not being 100% sure, I figured, "well maybe that's just a convenient place to store it for a while" and left it well alone. It didn't go anywhere for a while.

Last night, on my way into the building, I noticed it had been moved to the entry foyer. OK, definitely abandoned. I bring it upstairs, plug it into power and a monitor, and flip the switch. I didn't expect it to do much, as it didn't have a hard drive or RAM, and indeed, all I got was some fans spinning up, some LEDs turning on, and a single beep that repeats every five seconds. I figure, power supply works; it's probably beeping because no RAM.

I bring it to work today, and plug in some RAM. No dice. Reset CMOS. Still nothing. I think it's either the mobo or the processor, but I'm not sure. I went to MLB manufacturer's website and Read TFM, but nothing about error tones and what they mean. I e-mailed MLB manufacturer with the symptoms, and what I had tried, and they were less than helpful. I hope to figure this out without having to buy another MLB or CPU and having it possibly be the other component, because if I buy both, I might as well start a build from scratch, considering that what else is left isn't that great.

The board is a fairy decent (by my standards, and my computer standards are pretty low-ish) microATX board with 3 PCI, 1 AGP, 3 slots for DDR 333 RAM, pins for a buttload of front-mount USB ports, the previously mentioned on-board video (nVidia GeForce 4MX), LAN, audio i/o, and all sorts of other goodies. It has a Socket A socket (hehe... "a Socket A socket"...) which houses a 2 GHz Athlon. It's probably about three years old, which means it's probably out of warranty... whichever part happens to be the problem.

So, uh... anybody with a spare Socket A CPU or MLB that I can test with? I can't promise that my potentially bad part won't fry your good part, so I understand if you're reluctant. :)

If I am to go any further than where I am right now in building this up, I want to build it into the case of a dead PowerMac G4. That would be pretty funny.

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Октябрь 12, 2006

10:47 pm: The pleasure isn't always, but it's always a pleasure.

Lately, I've been randomly running into all sorts of strange and wonderful people from my distant and not-too-distant past. It's strange, and wonderful.

On Saturday, I non-randomly ran into a whole mess of people from my semi-distant past at the Stuyvesant High Class of '01 5th-year reunion. It was full of top quality awkwardness, most especially those couple of times that it took me minutes... minutes to recognize somebody, because people there had changed in all manner of ways, whether they lost weight, gained weight, grew their hair out, cut their hair short, lost all their hair, changed sex, etc. OK, I'm not aware of anybody who had a sex reassignment, but hey.

At any rate, despite the awkwardness, and in some cases because of it, I had a great time with plenty of quality people with whom, for various reasons, I've lost touch over the years, even if I did spin a couple of tall tales. OK, one tall tale. Djimi and I were catching up in a hallway, when my estranged husband, Mark, shows up and asks us how we're doing. Keep in mind that none of us had seen each other since high school. Anyway, I guess at this point Djimi decides that Mark would make a good mark, and tells him, "Yeah, Dan and I actually work for the same company."

Intrigued, I let Djimi continue as he tells Mark we're developing computer monitors for the blind. I pitch in with a couple of details of my own, and we take turns adding to the story, occasionally contradicting previously given details. Our company, Second Site Ltd., is based out of Pittsburgh, and our monitors are based on a revolutionary new technology that allows it to interface with existing software and hardware without modification. We have several working prototypes and are hoping to begin production soon. "Djimi is working with the drivers," I say.

"Yeah, I get in the car and tell them where to go. If they get hungry, or thirsty, I bring them food or drink," adds Djimi, deadpan.

Mark nods, then asks more questions about our upcoming product as we feed him more fake details. Then comes the kicker: as our discussion begins to wind down, Mark reMarks, "Hey, that's awesome. So you guys drove over from Pittsburgh together?"

Djimi replies without hesitation, "Nah. We didn't realize that we worked for the same company, until we met here at the reunion!"

"Yeah, Djimi's in West Campus, because that's where all the driver work takes place."

"Yeah, I said, 'So Dan, what are you up to these days?' and he said, 'I work for Second Site.' I was like, 'No way! I work for Second Site too!'"

"Yeah, we're pretty big for a startup."

Later, we tell Mark that we made up the whole thing, but he seemed confused for a while about how much of it was made up. There may have been one or two more people we tried our new bit out on, and it's possible that somebody out there actually thinks we're working on something that will turn the world of Braille readers on its head. Of course, "Second Site" wasn't the only tall tale we spun; did you know that Djimi's brother was the unfortunate victim of a practical joke gone horribly, horribly wrong?

Anyway, there was an open bar (I waited and waited and waited in line to get a glass of cranberry juice, then when it was gone decided it wasn't worth doing that again) and music that was too loud, and other people spinning other tall tales, ensuing in hilarity, and a good time was had by all.

Anyway, that's all for now. (P.S. I've started using Debian again. More on that later.)

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Сентябрь 27, 2006

12:47 am: 我很丟臉。我沒有吃 Fruity Oaty Bar。

Best news in a long time: babble's hard drive (see earlier post) mounts! I had tried it in a bunch of different FW enclosures, and in a G4 tower, but it wouldn't mount; it would just spin up and make lots of noise, which worried me. Then today, I was working on an older model G3, and figured, "what the hell, let me stick that drive in and see what happens." At first, I got a flashing question mark, so I figured it was dead, but then when I was about to take the drive out, I noticed that I hadn't plugged in the drive's power cable (d'oh!), and sure enough, the computer booted to the login screen that I always used to never see. (babble ran headless)

I guess it just needed to be plugged into an older ATA bus, or something. Anyway, I was able to get all my files off, and I will be restoring service to dadap.net, becauseyes.com, and xgerine.homeip.net "real soon now". I'm glad to know that all my old diary entries didn't just vanish into that great bit-bucket in the sky.

Went to Boston a couple of weekends ago. Hung out with jsoltren + Jane, and bingsding, and made some headway on construction of CF-D11 (official announcement coming soon, by the way.)

OK, official announcement now:This information is FINAL, and subject to change at any time. :)

CF-D11 will be named Columbia. It's just been too long since the Enterprise to bring in another bike with her name, especially considering all the differences between the two bikes. The bicycle will be matte clear powdercoated, as originally planned, but I will put a coat of yellow rattlecan paint on top, which will probably flake off, but that's what the base coat is for. Details will be masked off, allowing the steel to still show through underneath.

Friday night I went down to Pratt to see my cousin Sal perform my dad's song cycle ("Mga Awit ng Pag-ibig at Pangarap") which apparently has just been choreographed by Max Luna. When I got back to my apartment, I sat down at the keyboard to attempt to begin work on something I've been meaning to do for a while, which is my own recording of the whole cycle, with myself performing all the parts: piano, voice, and trombone instead of cello. However, the keyboard and I struggled for a while, and eventually came to a mutual agreement that it's been far too long since I've played piano. Even No. 3, "Walang Paalam", which I think has the easiest piano part of the five pieces (actually, maybe No. 2, "Paano Mahal Ko" is a bit easier), was difficult to play in a non-sloppy fashion. I need to fix this. This will probably take time.

Oh, and I received a response to my "not guilty" plea to the ticket today. I have a court date at the end of October. In Staten Island. Boo.

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Сентябрь 13, 2006

12:47 am: Cryptic, when stripped of context
From: chitayu@idon'tgetawholelotofspamonthisaddress.ru
Subject: bacon and eggs for breakfast
Date: September 12, 2006 10:18:56 PM EDT
To: hermes@hedoesgetawholelotofspamonthisaddress.com

i picked up the new hulk today.

Rode the NYC Century on Sunday with Kuya Chris. It was his first century, and we both had a great time, except for one mishap: a couple of miles from my parents' house in Queens, the route took us onto Jewel Ave at the Van Wyck Crossing. When I realized that they intended us to get onto the bike path into Flushing Meadows/Corona Park, I started moving to the right to get on the sidewalk, but Chris was following a bit too closely and we crossed wheels, taking him down. Fortunately, we were not moving very fast at the time, and the car behind us stopped. We turned back on Jewel Ave and headed to the house, where we assessed the situation and Chris took some acetaminophen for his bumped shoulder, then rejoined the route to finish. Saw a couple of familiar faces on the ride, including Nicky at the Astoria rest stop. As I was taking leave of him, Nicky turned to the friend he was riding with and said, "Now it's time for me to show off." Later, as I was snacking on an apple, I saw him pulling off, and holding for a good amount of time, a no-handed, one-foot trackstand. Impressive.

Besides my folks' place, we passed within a few blocks of damndirtydyke's apartment, but I didn't call/visit because it was early in the morning and she was almost definitely still asleep. Then, towards the end of the ride, we passed directly in front of revamerika's house. I called him when we were getting onto his street, and he stood up on his roof to take a picture of us. It was actually kind of neat.

Randomly ran into Sr. Diaz on the way back from a job yesterday. Some years ago, almost immediately after the Voyager was first built up, I visited Stuy and nearly ran Sr. Diaz down. This time, Sr. Diaz passed by pretty close to me on a green Dahon. I called out to him, and he turned around to say hi before continuing on to his yoga class.

On the agenda: Boston this weekend. For real this time. Probably.

On an unrelated note, I'm shocked that Apple actually demoed pre-production hardware at today's "Showtime" event. Specifically, the "We don't have or are not willing to share with you the final shipping name of this product, so let's just call it 'iTV' for now, not to be confused with ElGato's 'EyeTV'" which is the long-rumored Front-Row-from-your-Mac-to-your-TV-over-LAN-box. My guess is that they're throwing out this teaser as an extra incentive for non-Disney studios to sign onto the iTunes Store. Of course, the question remains, why not release it outright. Perhaps they're waiting until they begin deploying faster wireless LAN in Macs, or perhaps they're waiting until they can make HD content available on iTunes. (If the thing doesn't do HD, then why does it have HDMI and component out?) Or perhaps development is simply taking longer than they'd like. Whatever the reason, it smells like iTV, or whatever it will actually be called, was originally scheduled for release now, along with the announcement of movie sales on iTunes; otherwise, why show it at all? Showing pre-production hardware is so very un-Apple. I guess the "seduce the other studios" angle still makes sense.

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Сентябрь 5, 2006

09:47 pm: Ramble in the Bronx

- I went to the Uptown Juice Bar (the original one on 125th Street, not the one on Chambers Street which I used to frequent in high school, and which is now closed) for the first time in years last week, and discovered their homemade ginger beer. It's got some kick to it! It's too bad I never knew about it in high school, although I didn't know about ginger beer at all until Jo-Dan introduced it to me. ("Dan! You should drink ginger beer. It's the most awful beverage ever invented — and I think you'll love it.")

- I needed to use Illustrator, which I don't have installed on my home computer. I was going to grab a copy from work, but forgot, so instead I snuck into revamerika's house and used his computer for a while. (revamerika's computer, incidentally, is #$&%*#$% fast.) The next day, revamerika forwarded me a post that appeared on Missed Connections: Boy on fixed gear - w4m - 26 (Inwood / Washington Heights). The post mentioned a time (23:00) and location (Broadway and Dyckman), and seeing as I passed by that exact intersection at pretty much that exact time, revamerika figured that I was the aforementioned "boy on fixed gear". What he didn't know, however, was that I was riding the São Paolo that night, so it couldn't have been me. :) When I clicked on the link to view the original post, it had been deleted. I wonder: did she find the "boy on fixed gear" (Missed Connections success story?), or did she have a change of heart? I guess we'll never know.

- Went on a bike ride with Kuya Chris. We met up at the Broadway Bridge, and figured we'd take the greenway through Van Cortlandt Park, down the Mosholu, and across the Pelham, a path we roughly managed to follow, getting lost only every fifteen minutes or so. Somewhere near Van Cortlandt Park, I heard a voice yelling "Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! Daniel!" with increasing urgency, and a hint of Doppler effect. I was trying to figure out who in the Bronx would know my name, and as soon as I turned around I saw Mike and Rebecca's car closing in. How random. Chris and I explored the Bronx a bit more, hooking up with the NYC Century / TdBx routes from time to time, and getting lost every chance we got. Eventually we decided to head back to Leyla's place so Chris could shower and get to work on time. We headed west on E Tremont most of the way, then went down 3rd Ave, west on 161st, past Yankee Stadium (there was a game going on), across the 155th Street bridge, up the Harlem River path, and back into the Bronx. Hours of fun for the whole family!

- After the bike ride, I walked down the block (literally) to satyadasa's place, and no sooner did I walk out of the door to head back to my place than Steve shows up, making his way along with his new fancy Ti hip, to visit his folks (who live in satyadasa's building), so I stuck around to catch up with Steve for a while, seeing as I never even knew that he had gotten a new hip.

- One of the locks at work broke, and we couldn't get into the store. Mike bought a pair of 24" bolt cutters, but they were barely able to make a nick in the hardened steel shackle. Went to the hardware store down the block, but he didn't have any power tools. He suggested trying a hacksaw with a carbide rod blade, but he only had 10" blades and 12" hacksaws, so we ended up getting an angle grinder at a different hardware store, which cut through the lock in under 45 seconds. It was fun.

- Now have Skype, per jsoltren's suggestion. User name: govoryu. I was surprised it wasn't already taken.

I close with Brian's reaction to a bad joke earlier today:

Joke on a computer screen: "— What kind of bees make milk? — Boo-bees!"
B-Dizzo: Hehehe... boobies.

Several minutes later, reading the joke again…

B-Dizzo: Wait, I still don't get it. What does "boo" have to do with milk?
Daniel: Are you serious?
B-Dizzo: Yeah, I don't get it.
Daniel: Boo-bees? Boobies?
B-Dizzo: Yeah, and?

Daniel grabs Brian's "boo-bees".

B-Dizzo: Yeah, I know, it sounds like "boobies"…


B-Dizzo: Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Smacks own head on scanner boxes, repeatedly.

Apparently, he realized right away that "boo-bees" sounded like "boobies", but didn't make the biological connection between boobies and milk, so instead he tried to draw some semantic connection between "boo" and "milk". :)

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Август 30, 2006

02:47 am: Snippet? But I hardly even know it!
squittycat: Ok, well [kwɪk] works, and it's the best candidate that I can think of, but judging from your previous reaction…
revamerika: …well, then you obviously weren't paying attention when I said "yes" the first time.
squittycat: Oh?
revamerika: I think you need to work on "reading" people's "reactions" better.

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Август 26, 2006

10:47 pm: Ticket? But I hardly even know it!
FYI, I got another ticket at Critical Mass last night. There is an important difference this time, however, as last month I commited an actual violation (making a left turn at a signed "no left turn" intersection), whereas this month they nabbed me for the made up violation "Failure to keep right". Last month's ticket was turning left from Park Ave onto 34th Street; this month it was heading west on 17th Street right near Union Square Park, at the very beginning of the ride.

This is roughly how it went down:

Some Guy: RED LIGHT!!! (Meaning everybody should slow down and stop so nobody gets ticketed for running a red light.)
Daniel stops at the crosswalk, like a good, law abiding citizen.
Officer Cancilla, NYPD: You — get off the bike and step aside.
Daniel does as told.
Officer: Identification, please.
Daniel: (handing ID to officer) OK, but would you mind telling me what I've done wrong?
Officer: You're not in the bike lane.
Daniel: (looking back and pointing) There's no bike lane on this street.
Officer: Exactly; you're not allowed to be on this street.
Daniel: That's ridiculous.
Officer: Well, I don't make up the rules.
Police Captain: (To all the scooter cops writing tickets) OK, everybody; this is "Failure to keep right" 4-12(p)(3). That's 4-12, P as in "Paul", 3. This is the 13th Precinct. 4-12, P as in "Paul", 3.
Officer writes "412 B3" on ticket and hands it to Daniel.
Officer: Here you go.
Daniel: Alright, but FYI this is not a violation. New York City law says that bicyclists don't have to keep right. (I later found out that the very law I was supposedly violating, 34 RCNY 4-12(p)(3), says that cyclists can ride on either side of the road, which is exactly the right I was exercising by riding on the left side.)
Officer: Hey, nothing personal; if you want to take it to court, you can take it to court. I'm not the judge, and I don't make up the rules.
Daniel: Nothing personal against you either; just letting you know that I did not violate any law, and that you're writing a fake ticket.
Officer: OK, have a good night.
Daniel: Good night to you too; just don't give me another one.

I headed down 5th Ave and found a couple of other scattered riders. We rode around the West Village a little bit, and amusingly had a squad car tailing the five of us around every crazy turn that we had to make in that crazy neighborhood for about ten minutes. We found a pretty large group over on 2nd Ave at 10th Street and stuck with them until the cops broke up the ride again at around 1st Ave and the upper 30s. (We were heading towards Grand Central Station, where there were allegedly some free vegan donuts, which I unfortunately missed out on.) I stuck with a small group that had splintered off from the latest split-up, with Jacob and Jesse Singer, but when it became apparent that they were heading back to Brooklyn, I turned around and headed home.

Today: my first real down time in a while, and a brief attempt at housekeeping. I had been toying with the idea of coming up to Boston to work on the Columbia, but need to spend some time with bingsding tomorrow before she goes back, ironically, to Boston.

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Август 25, 2006

12:47 am: Backin up is hard to do
Doo doo doo down, doobie doo down down,
My hard drive is down, doobie doo down down,
And my data's gone, goobie goo gone gone,
Backin up is hard toooooo do.

Don't take my files away from me;
Don't mess up my i-nodes or B-Tree;
It's all gone, and I'm so blue,
'Cause backin up is hard to do.

Remember when I used to write,
Stayin up to type all through the night?
Think I lost some photos too,
Yes backin up is hard to do.

They say that backin up is hard to do,
But I know that just isn't true.
I've lost some data my friend,
And had I backed it up, then I could simply call it up again.

I beg of you, my old hard drive:
Do you think you could come back alive?
Just a couple hours should do,
'Cause backin up is hard to do.

Uhh... with proper apologies to Neil Sedaka.

Anyway, I went back to Queens for hangout tyme with the fam. and also to investigate the disappearance of dadap.net. I checked the "server room" (my old bedroom) and found babble ("The Tower of Babble", so named because it's a tower, and its primary use for a long time was as a chat server) powered off. I checked the connections (power, ethernet) and tried turning it on again, but no dice. The power supply probably went at some point. "No probem", I figured... should be a simple enough matter to pull the drives, so I pulled them, and the drive that I don't need still seems to work fine, but the drive with all the stuff on it just made a buch of noise and won't mount. (Doesn't even register as a device...)

What was on the drive? All the web stuff on xgerine.homeip.net, dadap.net, and becauseyes.com. Bummer. I have all the photos somewhere, and I have a backup of all my old "Herr Dano's Hideaway" posts somewhere, but I'm afraid I stupidly never backed up becauseyes.com. There are some scattered posts here or there that archive.org captured, but for the most part I'm afraid that I've lost about two years of worthless ramblings. (Not just my own: remember that becauseyes.com was a community journal.)

Needless to say, this loss is a bit upsetting, and it's not the only recent event that has affected me emotionally, though I'm only going to hint vaguely about anything else. Uhmm... yeah. I suppose I'm a bit of a hypocrite for always telling people that they should back up everything, all the time. It's not like it's a difficult thing to do. How hard would it have been for me to scp -R dan@becauseyes.com:/Library/WebServer/Documents ~/webbackup once in a while? (Answer: not at all.) It's not like I never thought about backing it up, either; in fact, there were several times just in the past couple of months when I thought to myself, "You know, I really should make a copy of all the web stuff on babble", only to be too lazy to do it.

I have lost drives in the past, but because I usually work on stuff from more than one place, there is only a small amount of files of which I've lost the only copy. A couple of DV captures, random homework assignments, that sort of thing. Also, embarrasingly enough, some Burning Zone fan fiction. I would be lying if I said that becauseyes.com didn't mean a lot to me, and that I feel like a huge idiot for never backing it up. (OK, I backed it up once, when I merged the old Hideaway entries into becauseyes, but there were probably two dozen becauseyes entries at the time. Besides, it was only one copy burned onto some random CD, which I'd be surprised if I even labeled.)

So, the moral of the story is: don't be an idiot. Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy.

Other than that, stuff has been pretty OK. Swung by jsoltren's on Saturday on the occasion of his return from Bike & Build. Kreggeri made an appearance. Dinner at Caravan with the 250 kids on the occasion of damndirtydyke's and robarchangel's birthdays last night. Ran into Canek on the bridge tonight on my way back into Manhattan (I had an on-site job in Williamsburg); he was heading back to Bed-Stuy because he grabbed the wrong movie for the Times Up! movie night, which I decided to drop in on, running into a bunch of people along the way.

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Август 20, 2006

09:47 pm: A Bike by Any Other Name
So, lest any of you think I've forgotten all about "number eleven", construction is set to resume shortly. It's been a while since CF-D11 has come up in conversation, so it's probably worth mentioning some design changes:

1. A rack is now spec'd. All the more convenient to haul the occasional crap/change of clothes/whatever.
2. I'm considering painting the frame yellow, partly as an homage to the original Enterprise, and partly because Илья managed to find me a couple of rolls of Cinelli Lux handlebar tape: one blue, which has replaced the destroyed tape on the Yamato, and one yellow, which will probably go onto CF-D11. Clear powdercoat, as originally spec'd, is still on option, however.
3. In addition to the already planned "decorative" downtube shifters, I've thought up another decorative element for the bike, albeit a somewhat more functional one. All I'm going to say at this point is that it involves painting or decaling a logarithmic scale on my top tube. :)
4. You may have noticed that I have been refering to the bike as "CF-D11" instead of "Enterprise-A". This is because I am considering dropping the "Enterprise-A" name. The original reason for naming the bike after the Enterprise, aside from the fact that it is built as a replacement for the Enterprise and pretty much from the same measurements, and because the bike is also to feature elements that were in the original design for the Enterprise which never made it onto the finished bike, is because the Enterprise was always intended to be my flagship commuter bike, to be replaced with another Enterprise should it be lost or retired. I'm sorry for that long sentence. However, it's been nearly three years since the original Enterprise was destroyed, and bringing in the Enterprise-A now just seems kind of silly. I may yet name CF-D11 Enterprise-A, but at the moment, I'm leaning more towards Columbia.

Speaking of names, I've been debating internally as to what to name CF-D12 and CF-D13 for some time, and have finally settled upon Defiant and São Paolo, respectively.

The Defiant is the bike I bought in Anchorage after the destruction of the Intrepid. OMaR, knowing full well about my naming scheme for bicycles, suggested the name "Defiant", but I wasn't sure at the time. If I hadn't run out of names of Intrepid class ships, I would have used one of those. Instead, the "contextual" link between the names Intrepid and Defiant is that they are both Constitution class ships which were lost in the original Star Trek. Oh, and "Defiant" rhymes with "Giant".

The São Paolo is basically the Intrepid parts transplanted onto the Orbea Mitis frame that Илья ordered to get the SRAM Force group for his bike. The joke here is that the São Paolo is the Defiant (that is, the Defiant that OMaR most likely meant when he suggested the name.) The São Paolo is a temporary member of the fleet, and will be retired out of service after the Intrepid frame has been repaired and I can move all the parts back to the Intrepid. Then again, the Yamato was supposed to be temporary, and I've been riding her for over two years now. This, however, is mainly because it's taken me so long to get my act together enough to even coming close to starting work on CF-D11.

Pictures of the Defiant and the São Paolo later. I might go up to Boston next weekend to resume work on CF-D11, but I'm not sure yet.

Current fleet status (dadap.net is down, down, down... Probably unplugged again. I have to go to Queens and fix it.)

CF-D0: operational; active duty
CF-D1: stolen in Fresh Meadows, NY
CF-D2: destroyed in Long Beach, NY
CF-D3: stolen in Fresh Meadows, NY
CF-D4 Horizon: mothballed in Fresh Meadows, NY
CF-D5 Galileo: operational in Sheepshead Bay, NY; on loan to Илья; resuming active duty, pending return
CF-D6 Voyager: stolen in Berkley, CA
CF-D7 Enterprise: destroyed in New York, NY
CF-D8 Yamato: operational in New York, NY; active duty
CF-D9 Bellerophon: stolen in San Francisco, CA
CF-D10 Intrepid: destroyed near Anchorage, AK; pending refit
CF-D11 Enterprise-A / Columbia: drawing board; pending construction in Cambridge, MA
CF-D12 Defiant: mothballed in New York, NY; pending refit and transfer (fixing it up to give to my parents)
CF-D13 São Paolo: operational in New York, NY; active duty

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Август 19, 2006

10:47 am: looking for par'mach in all the wrong places
(yes, i know it's actually pronounced [parmaq], but if you know enough to know that [par?matS] isn't a phonologically possible word, then you know why i spelled it that way.)

so one of the reasons i didn't write terribly much in my last entry here is because i was suffering a bit of (non-permanent, thankfully) nerve damage to my left wrist that made typing... uncomfortable. i suspect it happened while i was lugging a bob-containing box around, putting undue pressure on the wrist that became a little sensitive after the anchorage crash.

anyway, so stuff has happened since i've come back from alaska. it seems that lately i have been getting back in touch with people from other times and other places. mostly high school. i went to prospect park to check out a concert/movie with lee butterman, which got rained out, but on the way out we ran into about 47 (ok, it was more like 2 or 3) people who were in the symphonic band with us. i've been to a couple of (mildly awful, but don't tell anyone) concerts with boris zilberman, and recently i paid a visit to bensonhurst to see most of the old xg crew (karen and adam moved into a new place; belcantin, granger, ian, sandy, and a bunch of people i only vaguely know were also there), which was nice. popped down to dc to see some bike and builders (two fifths of whom i had just seen in alaska), and randomly ran into luomo at the store when he came in to get nick's keyboard fixed. and of course, i've been up to no good with the usual 250 kids.

yesterday was the one month anniversary of my sourdough starter, which i began cultivating shortly after my return from alaska. i've only baked with it four or five times now, but each time i'm learning a little bit more about the sourdough, and of course, the flavor of the sourdough keeps getting better with time. i've also made some sourdough hotcakes, which worked out pretty well, and take a lot less time to prepare than the bread. my favorite part about the sourdough, though, is maintaining it with the occasional addition of fresh flour and water to keep the yeast and bacteria going. it's sort of like having a mouth to feed around here that isn't my own.

little arkady called last night asking for advice on buying tempeh. not really knowing what he meant, i answered somwhat uselessly with something along the lines of "my advice is to buy it." apparently, little arkady took it upon himself to bring back veggie sushi nights, since none of us from 250 ever got around to it, with a test run in queens (at somebody's place, presumably) last night. i'll have to check with him later to find out how it went. as for me, i popped over to bed-stuy to eat some csa veggies with canek (maffew, sadly, remains in oregon), and some other quality folk. jsoltren hopped on the horizon and tagged along. we stopped briefly at habitat to say hei to heidi. canek lent me a primer on tsotsil, which is quite possibly the find of the month for me. i'm actually pretty excited about thumbing through it and learning a language i'll never have a chance to use, except maybe for rubbing elbows with costello, should our paths ever cross again.

anyway, stay tuned for some speculation on cf-d11. i'd best be getting ready to head over to jsoltren's.

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Август 1, 2006

09:47 pm: I'll write when I'm not lazy.
traffic ticket

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Июль 20, 2006

12:47 am: I'm back...
...in the land of skyscrapers and newspapers,
subway trains and fast lanes,
city blocks and crosswalks,
concrete slabs and yellow cabs,
cell phones and orange cones,
door-locking and jaywalking...

it's good to be back, but i do miss the "midnight sun".

i took about 4,747 photos of mountains, which all start to kind of look the same, so it was hard to pick any mountainy photos to put here. here's a bunch of photos that aren't of mountains:

Alaskan sun"set". Local time: 23:18. This is about two and a half weeks after solstice, which is why the sun is actually setting at all. This is also about as dark as it ever got. Seriously.

i was only going to put a small handful of photos here, but it sort of got out of hand. go to my fotki for the rest.Свернуть )

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Июль 4, 2006

09:47 am: Avast!
I'm planning to start heading due east in a couple of hours. Not sure at this point exactly where I'll be heading, but I plan to be at Delta Junction in a couple of days, at which point I'll make some more concrete decisions about where to go. I'm thinking of heading over to Dawson City, and arranging for a water taxi or some other form of river transport back over to Circle, AK via the Yukon, then taking the Steese back into FBX, but it doesn't seem like there's anyone who really takes people along that route. Another option is swinging down to Paxson and over to Cantwell via the Denali Highway, and making a loop over the Parks again, with a possible stop in Denali National Park (since we skipped over it pretty much the first time around). There's something sort of exciting about the idea of heading out and not really knowing where I'll be going, other than that I need to be back in Fairbanks on the 15th. (The airline wanted too much money for me to fly out of Anchorage instead of Fairbanks, so I've nixed the plan to head back to Anchorage.)

Today's the 4th of July, and in celebration (of the number four, but what else?) here's four photos:

trashed frame
After the accident

the crew
Everybody standing on top of some rock

arriving at skinny's
Pulling into "Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn", about 30 miles from Fairbanks

a toast
We're in Fairbanks. Cheers!

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Июль 1, 2006

09:47 pm: Fairbanks
Hi all!

Sorry for the lack of promised info updates. We've been in FBX for the past couple few days. I got a bike in Anchortown which made it up here alright except for some pretty much destroyed brake pads, which have been replaced. It looks like the Dalton Highway part of the trip isn't happening: OMaR killed his ankle on the last day into Fairbanks, and Andrea &. co. only have a three day window during which they are able to ride, which would be pretty rough to work out logistically. So, no Artic Ocean. The current plan is to use up my remaining couple of weeks here in AK by gearing up again and riding out (solo) due southeast towards Tok, and possibly onto the Canadian border if I have time, then heading back down to Anchorage and flying out of there instead of Fairbanks. It should be pretty fun; I'll let you all know how it goes in a couple of weeks.

Besides Mike's ankle, we all made it up in one piece. Greg hurt his hip on a hike while here in Fairbanks but not too bad I think. Not too many equipment problems on the trip, at least nothing as serious as a trashed frame. Three flat tires total (Oline: 1; Greg: 1; Johanna: 1), one broken chain (OMaR; we just shortened it a couple links and it was a'ight), and one broken spoke (Johanna, rear wheel, drive side. She didn't have any extras, but one of mine fit alright, even if it was about 1mm too long.) Ryan's front QR stopped staying tight somwhere towards the end of the trip, but he DIDN'T TELL ANYONE and instead just rode around with a loose front wheel. Thank goodness for gravity, fat tires, and lawyer tabs.

Johanna and Ryan flew out a couple of days ago, we just dropped Greg off at the Airport, and OMaR is catsitting at the Machs'. I'm at Oline's place until I get back on the road, which should be right soon now.

As for the trip itself, it's been absolutely amazing. The Parks Highway (AK 3) is without a doubt one of the most beautiful roads to drive on in the country. The weather was pretty foul (it rained on us basically every day) but we still had a great time. More on that, and definitely at least a thousand photos (which should be worth at least a million words) later.

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Июнь 21, 2006

04:37 am: AKUS Day 1 Update
We started riding out today from Anchorage. At the moment, I am back in Anchorage. About 25 miles out (let's say 22.47) we were on a downhill section of a bike path with a bunch of loose sand in a few patches. The downgrade meant we all picked up a bit of speed, which I did my best to control with the brakes, but the extra load, combined with all the sand, made this tricky. Eventually, the bike started to fishtail, and started violently swinging left and right. There was probably some sort of positive feedback involved, as the sway got stronger until the point where I was no longer in control of the bike. A combination of too much speed, the different steering characteristics of a loaded bike with trailer, the sand, and a concrete divider took me down. I escaped missing only a few pieces of skin and a few ounces of blood, but the Intrepid frame was a total loss, having buckled in the top tube and down tube near the front of the bike (typical destruction for a front-ender crash). Components seem OK, except for the rear derailer which was sheared off of the hanger. The trailer was no worse for the wear, except for a patchable hole in the dry sak. I am going to needa new helmet (skidded on the helmet for a few feet and cracked it).

I'm going to have to figure out what to do from here on. I still have a whole month here; I could probably rent, borrow, or buy a bike and finish the trip. The rest of the group is heading on and will be camping out in Wasilla tonight. If I can line up some new wheels soon, I can meet them and continue on.

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Июнь 17, 2006

08:47 am: An interesting plot development, but what was he doing in the Army Reserve in the first place?
Oh, neglect of the Live-Journal.

Last post for a while: I'm leaving the continental US for sunny Alaska for a month.

Recent highlights:

- Cat-sat for revamerika for a couple of weeks. I think I mentioned this already. I managed to leave the keys to his place at work one of the nights that I was still giving her pills, so I had to break in. I'll spare the details on how I got in, in case anybody gets the idea to try and duplicate my efforts. Suffice it to say it was a pretty MacGyver moment. Chesterfield was a total sweetheart, and forgave me for giving her those awful pills. Spending time with her, and the usual summer business of seeing lots of little kids getting taken around by their parents everywhere, has made me really want to someday become a parent [of human children]. More than usual. Of course, I still stand firmly in my refusal to add to the human population, so the kid or kids would have to be adopted.

- Went grocery shopping w/ damndirtydyke in Chinatown and stopped at May Wah and got 4.7 billion different kinds of fake meat, including fake pork bellies, which I thought was the most exciting thing ever, but still haven't had a chance to try out.

- Since that first time that I rode up the little bendy thing going up on the Hudson River Greenway, I've pedaled up it on the Yamato on more or less a daily basis to get home. It's pretty amazing how not-impossible it is, when it feels so impossibly steep on the lowest gear of the Intrepid. It's pretty great. As soon as I get a bike with brakes, I'll start riding down as well. Saw little Arkady, and he confirmed that it's not impossible to get up the bend on a fixie. The path has been treating me pretty well, and I've started taking advantage of the general openness of it all to belt out the crazy tunes at the top of my lungs while riding home. It's pretty great.

- Briefly saw brizmus who stopped in for a bit from the farthest reaches of Canadia and brunched at The Organic Grill, then took her to see my favorite piece of graffiti in the world. If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me know, so that I can go take you there to see it yourself. She warned me not to be surprised if similar graffiti started appearing in random places in Montréal.

- Dibs and I cooked up the idea to have a spring-roll rolling party at my place. It was called "Goodbye spring; roll in the summer." The usual crowd, damndirtydyke and robarchangel showed up (revamerika was in San Francisco at the time) and Becky was in too, as well as my kuya Chris and Leyla. We made a whole bunch of spring rolls, and it was pretty great. It was sort of like a spring roll factory probably is like, with a mildly-organized assembly line going. So that spring rolls didn't end up being the only thing we all ate, I also made some pansit (I prefer to spell it the non-Spanishified-orthography way, because really, there is no letter 'c') and damndirtydyke came up with the crazy idea of using the pansit as a filling to make pansit na lumpia (or is it lumpiang pansit... help me, tisoi!) It actually ended up being pretty tasty.

- Cohen randomly called last week and asked if I wanted to go watch fireworks from the Brooklyn Bridge. I met up with him on MacDougal Street (and, in the process, basically tripped over Roxanne and "Yoshi"), where michiru223, Allison, and Mark were with him, eating  فلافل, and Heather met up with us shortly afterwards. The fireworks were pretty sweet, and they had some pretty crazy shapes going on. Afterwards, we went walking around in downtown Manhattan a bit, then those kids ducked into a bar in the Financial District and I, being without a bicycle lock or a wish to drink alcohol, found the start of the Hudson River Greenway, and started on my way home. I decided to ride to revamerika's house, which is past the other start of the Greenway, and ride the path end-to-end, "just because"; however, I had forgotten that I had decided to do that by the time I reached the turnoff onto the overpass to get to 181st Street, and ended up going home instead. Oh, habit.

- Last week of work was pretty action-packed. I worked the same number of hours, but spent probably only 7 or 8 hours actually in the store the whole week. I have to say that I much prefer working on-site than in-store... it's a lot less stressful. I spent most of the work week tying up some loose ends, although I do still have a couple left untied... oh well.

- Minor fiasco with the rear wheel which I took to Sheepshead ages ago to get re-rimmed. The new rim came in, but then when they put it on and started tightening the spokes, it started cracking too. This was a couple of weeks ago. Илья donated an Open Pro that he had kicking around, and I bought new spokes, and that got put on, but then they lost my cassette, and jsoltren's (he is on Bike and Build P2S at the moment, by the way, and I have been a bad Bike and Build alumnus and not mail-dropping him anything, so you guys have to pick up the slack for me) lockring and QR skewer. D'oh. They overnighted a cassette into the shop and it (presumably) got in yesterday. I was going to stop in to pick up the completed wheel, but I didn't realize that Thursday is the only day the shop closes at 8PM. (I called a little bit before 7 to make sure that they got the cassette in before I headed down there, but they were already closed.) It's lucky that the shop is not too far from JFK Int'l...

- Hey, did I mention that I'm outta here? Goodbye, 48 touching-states! See you crazy kids in a month, provided I don't get eaten by a bear.

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Май 26, 2006

10:47 pm: raining cats and pills

Hello friends!

It has been some time since my last update. Things have been going fairly decently recently. (ooh, rhyme!) I'm at revamerika's place right now waiting for Chesterfield to come out of hiding so that I can administer her antibiotics. It's also raining something pretty fierce right now. Between having to wait for Chesterfield, and the sky falling and all, it may be some time before I'm able to return to my own apartment (so as to eat food). I suppose I could raid revamerika's fridge, as anything left in there is liable to go bad anyway.

Rather than try and catch up with the past several weeks, I'll just do a quick rundown of events today:

I woke up this morning about three hours later than I had intended to. The plan was to head up to Inwood so as to learn the ropes of getting Chesterfield to swallow a pill, but that ended up not happening. The plan was also to have been en route to Sheepshead Bay by then, so as to help my cousin Christopher with getting a bicycle (a 2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite), which did happen, though a bit behind schedule. Chris overslept too, so it ended up being alright. I grabbed Il'ya's trainer and jsoltren's rear wheel to bring to the shop... the wheel is getting a new rim because it is starting to split at the seam. I rode the Montauk Century (from the tippy-top of Manhattan, to the tippy-tip of Long Island) on that rim after I had noticed the crack and didn't have any problems, but I'd prefer not to take my chances during the Alaska trip, because having the rear wheel explode in the middle of nowhere would suck bigtime.

Later, back to Manhattan for work (my business cards came in today!), then Critical Mass. This month's Mass was a bit more arresty and tickety than others in recent memory, which was unfortunate. I left the group at 59th Street and 5th Ave so I could go up and give Chesterfield her medicine, but she's been pretty reluctant. I decided to ride up the stupid steep incline around the bend on the bike path near 181st street, since i had to go up to Bean's place anyway. (I usually ride up that incline when I'm on my road bike, since I have a triple on that bike; however, on the track bike, I had, up until now, gotten out earlier (around 130th street) and taken Broadway up, which stretches out the gain in elevation to a more manageable grade.) It actually ended up being nowhere near as difficult as I had imagined, and I felt really great at the top! It should be even more doable when I gear down to 47/19 (the currently planned gearing for the Enterprise-A).

Somewhere near the GWB, it started to drizzle, which was actually mildly refreshing. It started to get a little more serious when I got to the house, and a few minutes after I had settled in and started poking around to find Chesterfield, it really opened up and started thundering. It's laid off a bit now, though Chesterfield is still nowhere to be seen. Hmm.

Other recent cool things (in vaguely chronological order, but other than that, no particular order):

  • Played trombone at the Discovery concert at Tully. It was a pretty sweet program, and I totally dig the Tchaik V.
  • A customer gave me a cool book! I had helped him with (I don't remember what), then he came in a couple weeks later, asked me if I read books, then what I was into, and handed me a neat book on child language acquisition.
  • Paintball with kids from work.
  • Montauk! (I think I mentioned this, but it was so sweet it deserves to be mentioned again)
  • Went totally Flip and made Munggo w/ Malunggay in coconut milk w/ Casaba... also, Lumpia.
  • Discovered TextWrangler. It's free (as in beer, not speech), and it will open/save files directly from/to FTP servers. What more could one ask for?
  • Used aforementioned text editor to write a contact form (and accompanying CGI script) for the digsoc website.
  • Watched Breaking Away again! (Heidi said Times Up! was playing "some bike movie from the '80s"... nevermind that Breaking Away was actually filmed in the '70s...)
  • While searching for lyrics for [song listed under "Music" for this entry], found a Russian translation
  • Rode up the steep bend on the bike path (Like Montauk, already mentioned... but worthy of repeat mention)

Upcoming cool things:

  • ALASKA!!!

There's a bunch of stuff in this entry that I could and should hyperlink, but I'm lazy.

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Май 6, 2006

02:47 am: We can increase that capability on the order of one to the fourth power.
i know you hate handwritten entries.Свернуть )

I have internet access now. The wireless I had been stealing/borrowing went away. Got a cable modem installed today/yesterday. Apologies for my extended absence. I haven't been reading my friends page in the meanwhile — hope I haven't missed much.

Agenda for tomorrow/today: (in no particular order)

- Hang out with B+Bers in Central Park
- Chill with my sister
- Possibly meet up w/ Cohen + Co. at some bar
- Make a pizza
- Not be late for rehearsal

In the meantime, tell me what's new with you!

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Апрель 2, 2006

10:47 pm: La vita è bella
So, exactly as I promised yesterday, I went ahead and took advantage of the lovely weather and went down to Sheepshead Bay to bother Илья. I ordered a pair of fatties to slap on the Intrepid for the AK ride. The ride back to the apartment, watching the sun set across the Hudson, was pretty sweet. Just before I left for Brooklyn, senandhaku called and said she was in need of some vegan support, so I told her to meet damndirtydyke and me at DS. damndirtydike rounded up the troops, and by the time I got back downtown (after dropping off the Intrepid at the apartment and changing into street clothes) day214, revamerika, and robarchangel were there. We went to a place in the LES called "Soy" which, from its name, one might think would have lots of veg. options, but only two of the entrees on the menu were vegan. At least the one that we all ended up getting was pretty tasty. I hope sendandhaku is feeling less confused now.

Today was pretty awesome. I woke up and went grocery shopping, then whipped up lunch. Maffew, Charlie (Jesse Jones' cousin), and Ryan stopped by on their way to Nyack, and I joined them for a good old fashioned wheel-rolling. It was pretty amazing being able to just go over the bridge without having to deal with getting to the bridge. The ride was hilly, of course (it's the Palisades... what do you expect) and I did get dropped going up one of the longer hills (my chain fell off) but that's all part of the fun. I hope for many similar things in the future. When we got back to NYC, Maffew and Charlie joined me in the apartment for some pasta, rice+beans, tofu cheesecake, and even a little bubbly.

Uhh... the neighbors' wireless is acting up like crazy right now, so I don't know if I'll actually be able to post this. Maybe I should actually get my own internet connection here, and set up VegaNet Red. Then again, I'd like to think I'm not on the internet often enough to want or need an internet connection of my own. I'd probably be wrong, though.

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Апрель 1, 2006

11:47 am: It sustains the universe.
Handwritten entry behind cut. Transcription follows.Свернуть )

So the general consensus on hand-written entries appears to be that they're a neat idea. There were a couple who objected, and both raised valid points. I don't think I will ever hand-write all of my entries, because it does take a bit more effort, but perhaps once in a while, just for kicks. I've decided that all h-w entries will be accompanied by a transcription outside of the ALT text, and that the entries proper will live inside of an LJ-cut, for reasons of netiquette.

Went to Boston on Thursday to see my sister in a show called "Honk!", which is a musical adaptation of the Ugly Duckling story. It was good fun, despite the brevity of our stay. We returned Friday in the early AM, and I had completely forgotten that it was the last Friday of the month... again. I was reminded by the CM txtmob, Maffew, and Heidi, but it would have been too tricky to get up to the apartment, then back down in time to actually do anything. Instead, I brought my computer back to the apartment (I had brought it to work to replace the dead optical drive), fixed up some dinner, installed and played with my new sustain pedal, then headed down to Deenah's for Dibs' going-away party, which I attended briefly, as I've never really been into the whole no-light, lots of people/booze/smokes type of party that this was.

It was good to see Dibs, though, and after a while Maffew showed up, which was also good. After Maffew and I decided that we had had enough, he gave me a ride to the (D) train on his trusty steed. I have given rides to people (including Maffew) on bikes beore, but I had never before been the passenger. It was pretty amazing, and we definitely turned a few heads. :)

Anyway, I think that will be all for now. I'm going to take advantage of this lovely weather and hop down to Sheepshead Bay to bother Илья.

I hope there won't be too many other people taking advantage of this lovely weather to go ride their bikes, because that means the Hudson River Greenway is going to be a mess. We'll see...

Incidentally, here are the current bonus-points stats:

Bean: 2
Rest of the World: ZER0

I have to come up with a Bonus-Points problem that he won't get, but someone else will. This might be tricky.

The answer, by the way, was "Congratulations! You win a bonus point!"

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Март 28, 2006

11:47 pm: Question:
Dear friends: How would everybody feel if I were to begin making handwritten entries on a regular basis? It's pretty fun, but I realize that it's also really obnoxious, and damn near impossible to read. Let me know what you think. The power is YOURS!

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Март 27, 2006

11:47 pm: من حفر حفرة لاخيه، وقع فيها.
Bonus-points challenge for March:


To win this bonus-point: what am I saying in the above spectrogram? Deadline: April 1st. (I was going to post the original recording at the end of the contest, whether that was reached by somebody correctly identifying the phrase, or the deadline passing, but I inadvertently destroyed (read: didn't save) the original recording. Whoops.)

In other news, it always amuses/intrigues me whenever I find out that something I had always assumed was common knowledge turns out to be completely false. Specifically, I just found out that Elmer's Glue contains no animal-derived ingredients.

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Март 13, 2006

10:47 pm: Wanna make some cop porn?
An important and exciting discovery:

It's no secret that one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast is fried taro cake. For the longest time, it defied me to understand why I would always have to scrape the tasty tasty bits of cake from the bottom of the pan, no matter how much oil I used. I just couldn't figure out why it would always stick, until this weekend as I was slicing a block of freshly defrigerated taro cake and noticed how cold it was. On a hunch, I threw it into the microwave for half a minute to bring it to just a smidge warmer than room temperature before dropping it into the hot oil. Voila! No stickage! This is probably the same thing that makes blocks of tofu stick to the pan... I'm going to try soaking the tofu in hot water next time.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm moving? Yeah, I did mention that, yeah. It'll be going down (I'll be going up) next week after I come back from DC. There will be a housewarming party next Tuesday night. E-mail me if you'd like to swing by (e-mail is in my user info), and I'll tell you where it's at. Rad.

A belated congratulations to revamerika for being the first ever bonus-points recipient. He correctly extracted the arecibo message from the improperly-wrapped version I posted. Here's what it's supposed to look like, for those of you who don't live in outer space:

the arecibo message

So that's revamerika: 1; all the rest of you: 0.

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Февраль 28, 2006

08:47 am: Fire up your Speculo-Tron™ units!
It's time to play everybody's favorite guessing game again!

This time, for real, I hope I don't lose that stupid bet to Kevin. He's probably forgotten all about it anyway, but if he remembers, I'll never live it down if I lose. :)

(Four more hours or so?)

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Февраль 25, 2006

07:47 pm: Bonus Points Challenge for February

What's wrong with this picture?

Contestants have until the end of the month (that's three days!) to answer. The winner will be awarded one (1) Bonus Point. Void where prohibited; prohibited where void.

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10:47 am: (Not So) Recent Quotes from the Workplace
Bee-Dizzo: I like your haircut!
squittycat: Uh, what? I didn't cut my hair... I just took a shower.
BD: Oh. You should shower more often. It looks nice!

BD [talking about an 8' flourescent bulb]: Yeah, I think these are the unbreakable ones?
squittycat: Uh, what? Whatever; just don't pull a Jason. (referring to the time that Jason smacked a mounted bulb with a ladder, causing it to fall to the ground and implode.)
Jay-Chizzo: Here, let me see. [whacks the bulb on the floor; nothing happens.]
BD: Whoah, do it again!
JC: [shatters the bulb into 10n pieces]

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Февраль 24, 2006

12:47 pm: So it looks like next week in a few weeks I'll be moving from 180th Street to 181st Street.

The new place meets three of my four "requirements"; it's almost twice as far as I'd like, and it's only slightly closer than where I live now, bIrdwise, but it will basically cut my commute time in half. That's the magic of greenways and express trains.

This also places me within striking distance of New Jersey, not to mention that revamerika will be more easily botherable. Return of sushi night, anyone?

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Февраль 20, 2006

11:47 pm: Secret? But I hardly even know it!
We take a break from our usually scheduled lack of posts for a bit of Mac geekery:

So Alex shows up at work today with a 12" PowerBook. Nothing out of the ordinary... except that the finish looks a bit different. Instead of anodized aluminum, it's a smooth, almost polished look. Nothing terribly new there either; I recently saw a Titanium PowerBook where the owner sanded off all the paint and polished the case, and it had a similar appearance. That guy was, of course, Japanese. I figured a previous owner (Alex bought it on eBay from a guy who bought it on eBay) of this PowerBook did a similar case mod.

He opens the PowerBook. The keys are molded from translucent white plastic, similar to the keyboards on G3 iBooks, but the plastic is much clearer than the frosty clear plastic on iBook keys. My first thought was that perhaps a previous owner pulled all the keys off of a G3 iBook and transplanted them onto this PowerBook... except that the top row had 14 keys, including separate F12 and Disc Eject keys (an iBook keyboard would have had both on the same key) and a Mirroring/Spanning toggle icon printed on the F7 key, just like a real PowerBook keyboard. There were a couple of other interesting cosmetic differences: the plastic trim filling the seam between the top and bottom cases was molded from translucent (instead of grey) plastic, and the bit of plastic in the latch button in front of the sleep LED was clear, not frosted.

What's more, the computer was an 800 MHz 12" PowerBook. That's not a typo. Alex thought it was a typo in the eBay listing, but it wasn't. Regrettably, I forgot to check the bus speed.

Also, it booted OS 9. No Twelve Inch PowerBook Boots System Nine™.

There was no serial number on the case, or flashed onto the MLB. There *was* a serial number on the battery, which fit the standard Apple serial number format, and placed the battery's date of manufacture in early February '02. (The battery, incidentally, had a "SONY" label, which said "Not for resale sample".) The 12" PowerBooks didn't show up until January '03, and initially came with an 867MHz chip. In case it's not obvious yet, this was clearly a pre-production model, and all of the quirky weird things about the machine make perfect sense when viewed in light of this fact; for example, it's standard practice for Apple to inject clear plastic into the molds for pre-production cases to inspect for possible problem areas. Come to think about it, the case might have actually been made out of Titanium... it did look a lot like Ti does on a bicycle frame, or on that Japanese guy's PowerBook. I can't wait to call Apple and say "So I'm on a Titanium 12" 800MHz PowerBook G4..." and have them say "No you're not..." and then I could say "It boots OS 9," and have them hang up on me.

Clearly, the eBay guy had no idea what he had. Considering that this machine existed almost a full year before these computers became public knowledge, this computer was at one point sooper-dooper-topp-seekrit... need-to-know-basis-I-could-tell-you-but-I'd-have-to-kill-you secret. The resemblance to a production 12" PowerBook was striking; it was pretty cool to see that the case design was basically finalized a year before the computers started rolling off the assembly line. An early prototype like that is something of a holy relic to a mac geek like me. I regret not having my camera on hand to take lots of pictures, though I did mange to get a few blurry pictures using one of the iSight cameras at the store. That's all for now.

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Февраль 14, 2006

11:47 am: At the risk of sounding overly vague and melodramatic...
Sometimes I wish I just knew how to say "no."

(Translation: wouldn't it be neat if life came with Demand Paging? Actually, it wouldn't, because it wouldn't actually solve anything...)

[Edit +2 minutes: Apparently, I'm so bad at saying "no" that some people have stopped bothering to ask... Which means I don't have any more time to waste here complaining about it. Gotta go.]

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Февраль 12, 2006

08:47 pm: three thousand words, give or take
In lieu of actual words:

it snowed.

that's right kids: it's my two favorite windows programs (tubemiter.exe and progress quest) running in wine on an intel imac.

saw a boner! i haven't had time to work on this much lately... (a work in progress)

as usual, click for more.

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Февраль 9, 2006

11:47 am: it's an open invitation.
From:    chitayu@mail.(россия)
Subject: desperate
Date:    February 9, 2006 11:36:12 AM EST
To:      thebird@mit.(duh)

dear all:

it has been over two months since my last century. i'm so desperate for another 
that i'll settle for a metric. this will probably be happening next weekend: not 
this coming weekend (busy), but the next. anybody care to join me? il'ya? kreg? 
i don't know where i'm going yet; if any of you have ideas, that would be sooper,
too. :)


[additional irrelevant discussion about threadless v. threaded omitted.]

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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Февраль 6, 2006

11:47 pm: Caliper? But I hardly cantilever!
I got to play bike messenger a bunch of times for work last week. It was pretty fun dancing with the cars in midtown again, as my travels don't typically give me occasion to pass through midtown these days. One time as I was leaving the store I ran into Deenah (literally ran into, as in almost slammed the door in her face... it's a glass door... i really should be more mindful of these things).

I had set aside the weekend to work on a special project for Mike, but ended up going to Manhassett to do some net-work at the COS office, then heading to Manhattan to chill with senandhaku and Co. on account of senandhaku's birfday, which involved games with balls and sticks and holes and such, and food at A Better Burger, courtesy of Ricardo. To close the night, I called and made a shot: 8-ball in side pocket. The 8-ball went in, alright, but then the cue ball went in the corner pocket. Whoops. :)

This morning I put on the TV to watch a show that came to my attention by Il'ya's recommendation. I received an e-mail from him with a subject that read simply "eat this" and the body of the message was the URL www.delicioustv.com. At first I was excited: a cooking show where I wouldn't have to be like "That's all fine and well, but..."; however, as it turns out, their definition of "Totally Vegetarian" differs from mine in a few key areas. I wasn't too bothered about it until she made a lasagna that used tofu instead of ricotta anyway, but deemed it necessary to put butter and milk and cheese (I think it was either provolone or romano) in the lasagna for whatever reason. Actually, even that wasn't too bad; the kicker was when she mixed the tofu with the grated cheese, then said "now you add the cheese mixture, or should I say the cheeseless mixture..." NO! WRONG! You just ADDED cheese, and you say it's cheeseless? Try again later.

Dinner with the 250 kids at Pukk. (revamerika stopped by work and told me he and damndirtydyke were planning on catching dinner, so we decided to make it an outing for the whole family.) The original plan was to go to Caravan of Dreams, but they had a gas leak and had to evacuate. The various kitchen and wait staff were standing outside waiting for Con-Ed to robarchangel was having a tough time deciding what to eat, so he asked revamerika to recommend something tasty that didn't have mushrooms in it. I was also having a tough time deciding what to eat, so for fun i decided to order everything on the menu that had the word "mushroom" somewhere in the name. Everything ended up being quite tasty, and even robarchangel liked a couple of the mushroom things. On the way out of the restaurant we ran into Betty.

I was listening to Sibelius' 2nd Symphony on WQXR with my mom. Absolutely horrid! It had its moments of clarity here and there, but on a whole it was just totally disjointed and lacked focus. Actually, it sort of reminded me of my life... basically a big ball of "incoherent".

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Январь 31, 2006

08:47 pm: if friend, then not bird.
What a wacky couple of days...

Friday night Tubbz and jsoltren stopped by work so Tubbz could get his tubez and so that jsoltren could swing by my place to begin work on the bikes. Tubbz gave us a ride in his car up to Grand Central Station and we got stuck in traffic, behind Critical Mass, of all things. It was wonderful! We did end up being a bit late to New Year dinner with the fam, but it had nothing to do with Critical Mass.

Anyway, jsoltren's mom called to let him know that she finally found a new apartment, and needed help moving. So Saturday was spent helping her pack instead of working on the bikes. Whoops. Sunday I went to Hyun Mee's recital with my folks in the late afternoon, an impressive performance.

Yesterday while I was at work, I got a surprise visit from Maffew (yes, he's back!), Arthur, and Jaime. After work, damndirtydyke went to Gobo to see if the NYU kids were still around, but apparently only one guy showed up and he left when nobody else came. Whoops. So instead, I met up with Maffew and Arthur a couple of blocks away. Arthur, who was wearing a pair of snazzy-but-scuffed leather boots, got approached by a man with a piece of cardboard and a bottle of shoe polish who offered to shine his shoes for a dollar, so he went ahead with that. Later we parted ways: Arthur went to the library, while Maffew and I headed to his new digs in Bed-Stuy where, incidentally, Dwight is currently couch-surfing.

It started getting late, so I stayed over there. Maffew and I headed into the city in the early afternoon, stopping by Habitat along the way to get some bits and pieces for Maffew's bike. As I was talking BS with Hal, one of the kids who works there (who, incidentally, was wearing the exact same sweatshirt as I was) points to the Yamato and asks, "Hey, did you ??? that bike ??? some kids from Canada?" (As you might be able to tell, I didn't quite catch everything she said.) Well, my brain filled in the blanks from context, and I answered, "No, I bought it in T-Town from some kids from Japan." Then she mentioned something about one of the kids being from Florida, and that my bike lived at her house for a while.

That's when I figured out that she wasn't asking if I bought the bike from a bunch of Canadians; rather, the question was if I lent the bike to said Canadians. As it turns out, she was endlessxmike's roommate, Libby; napalmandroses and some other kids stayed at their place and borrowed my bike. Mystery solved. Anyway, while Hal and I were talking about bikes and stuff, he was asking questions about every little piece of the Yamato. When the conversation turned to the rear hub, I mentioned that I was sad about the fact that the cups were pitted, which was when he told me that the cups on old Campy hubs are, in fact, steel inserts, which can be replaced. This is very good news indeed. Now I just need to find me some NOS cup inserts and I'm in business.

Later, a surprise visit from revamerika. Troubles at the office, apparently. Dee came into the store briefly to pick up some DVD-Rs (I ran into her randomly a couple of months ago in New Haven). At the end of the day, I was stuck in the store for a bit trying to wrestle this guy's e-mail box from the clutches of oblivion. I guess it wound up all for the best that Maffew and I weren't able to get rush tickets to see Gleb Ivanov, because I would have been crazy late, especially since I left my chastity belt and keys at Maffew's place, which meant that I would have had to take the subway up to the recital instead of riding my bike.

Incidentally, if anybody happens to have a set of vernier calipers to sell/lend/give to me, or knows where in the city to get vernier calipers (I admit I haven't been looking very hard) let me know. Kthxbye!

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Январь 26, 2006

11:47 pm: Submariner Executive's Heart
revamerika showed up at the store at the end of the day again today, this time to pick up a wireless router, which he says will be named VegaNet Green. (VegaNet Green is people!) The guys (by "the guys" I mean my coworkers) were going out to celebrate Kevin's birthday; however, they were going to a strip club. Going there with them was NOT an option, so instead, revamerika and I went to dinner at Sacred Chow, stopping first at the American Apparel store so revamerika could pick up a hoodie and some sexy underpants. I picked up a brown hoodie, despite my policy of Not Buying Clothes, for two reasons: a) I didn't already have anything that would have been the appropriate color for an Idiotarod costume (if that team still needs a #5th person), and (2) it was f*ing FREEZING and I was woefully underdressed. (This was the more important reason.)

As we were checking out, I was chatting with revamerika and the girl behind the counter starts talking to me: "Hey, you look really familiar..." It was Shelly Brumberg from my homeroom in high school. It took me a couple of seconds to remember her name, but it came to me eventually. She didn't remember my name at first, but when I told her I was the "Muffin Man" that did it. (Long story.)

Anyway, work on the frames starts this weekend. Whoop!

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11:47 am: لا احب الشتاء بسبب البرد
revamerika stopped by the store last night to pick up the new 6x11 Graphire. As I was looking up the cost of the part, he mentioned that Wacom was selling the tablet for $369.95 direct. Seeing as this was the price that the computer said that we paid for it, I decided to check to make sure that there wasn't some sort of mixup.

Indeed, that distributor charged us retail for the tablet. Grr. I did a check to see how much one of our other distributors was charging, and they were almost $60 less. Gah.

Anyway, also while I was at work, I was reading the Post in the bathroom again, and for the third time in the past year or so I found out bad news about someone I know by reading the post in the bathroom. This time around, a guy I went to high school with hit and killed a pedestrian while driving in Manhattan, then fled the scene on foot. He was allegedly intoxicated at the time.

Yesterday was Rian's last day at work. We got a vegan cake for Kevin's birthday (same as my sister's), which served double duty for Rian's moving to the west coast. I'm glad that the birthday cakes we get are vegan by default now.

After work, I headed up to see Tomoya's recital. I've always been in awe of that kid, ever since I met him back when I was a scrawny little 11-year-old playing tympani twice my size and he was a scrawny little 9-year-old playing a bass drum three times his size. After the recital, we went out for dinner on the occasion of Tomoya's birthday (same as my sister's, and Kevin's) and on the occasion of the upcoming lunar new year.

The recital was pretty cool. There was once piece that had a couple of tricks I hadn't seen before: namely, manual and oral manipulation of air around the bars of an unplugged vibraphone, with an interesting (and amusing) effect.

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Январь 24, 2006

10:47 pm: bingsding has way bigger balls than i do...
So my sister was at some shindig or another where Harrison Ford was speaking, and decided to ask him to sing "Happy Birthday" to her:

[MPEG-4, ~900KB]

Speaking of birthdays, I was poking around livejournal interests (prompted by seditiouscanary finding me from my interest in "framebuilding") and noticed that somebody else was interested in "digital society" (though i doubt it's the same digital society i'm interested in), and also that somebody else was interested in "headless threadset"; what's creepy is that his name is "Dan" and that his birthday is an anagram of mine (two days later and two years earlier). Ah, spoonerisms.

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09:47 am: Briefly
Headed up on the Lucky Star with jsoltren and his mom Friday night. The Lucky Star has a new rest stop: it no longer stops at Roy Rogers, but rather at a Chinese Buffet, which closes at 10PM. The 8PM Lucky Star gets there a little bit after closing time, so they do a special deal where instead of charging by weight, it's $6 for as much as you can fit into the container. I helped myself to white rice, olives, hot peppers, and seaweed, with some lychee for dessert.

Moving on Saturday was fun. jsoltren and I made a couple of runs (I think 6) with the bikes: he carried stuff in milk crates with the B.O.B. trailer; I jammed as much as I could into the 3000 cu. in. messenger bag. We got a couple of flats on the Mass. Ave. Bridge. By we I mean he.

That night, dinner with D-Rail and Jo-Stok at Grasshopper. I got the "No Name", per _notanugget_'s recommendation.

Sunday, spent some time with the fam on occasion of bingsding's birthday on Tuesday. Well, today is Tuesday, so I guess on occasion of her birthday today.

My good friend Richie B. (the UPS dude) brought me something yesterday:

I sorted them out into piles. It was cool... I would pull a tube out of the box, look at it for a second, then think... "Oh, that's Craig's top tube" or whatever happened to be the relevant bike and part.

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Январь 20, 2006

09:47 am: Warning: Contains Momordica Charantia
Rumor has it that Maffew is in town. Dibs and I have embarked on a campaign to telephone him and leave him voicemail messages until such time that he comes out from wherever he's hiding to hang out with us. This campaign has been so far unsuccessful, although it's only been running three or four days.

I'm leaving for Boston later tonight so I figured I'd catch up on the friends-page backlog before it got too absurdly long, and post here while I was at it. I've been putting off a couple of longish philosophical-ish posts(-ish?) for a while, and I don't think they'll ever get posted, or if they do, they'll probably be edited for content/time/to fit your screen. For now, then, the mundialities you've come to expect; today, I will present brief recountings of recent events in no particular order:

I went to Tiengarden for the very first time yesterday. jsoltren and I ordered the lunch special, which was mushrooms and tofu with ampalaya (!), served with red rice (!) and a baked spring roll. Excellent. The meal was accompanied by a disclaimer, which amused us when we heard it again while eating when someone else ordered the lunch special.

The other day I was passing by near where Dashan works, so I decided to pay him a surprise visit, in return for the surprise visits he has paid me at work. Unfortunately, I didn't actually know anything about where he works, other than gaving a vague idea of where it is, so I failed in this mission. Whoops. I'll have to do my homework first next time.

I ended up having to send a check to Henry James because of the whole ATM card incident, and the tubes and junk should be here shortly. I still have to call Nova to get the wishbone piece, but there's no rush to do that anyway.

Dinner with damndirtydyke at Dojo. My eating was in good form.

Dinner with _notanugget_ at Radha. My eating was in less-than-good form, and I ended up having to pack up about 1/3 of it to bring home.

My mother and I were listening to the radio and we heard a young pianist (about my age) who played some very good Liszt. I want to see him. He's playing his New York debut Tuesday the 31st... tickets are cheap... anybody want to go with me?

areiser bought me dinner at Sacred Chow towards the end of my i-have-money-but-i-can't-use-any-of-it phase, then we went and found his brother on St. Mark's. Walked home from the subway, and beat the bus by a good 10 minutes.

Dave Perry doesn't have the jig anymore. Oh well.

Why Boston, you ask? Well, the fam is going up on Sunday to celebrate bingsding's birfday. I'm going to get in a day ahead of time and try to grab ahold of D-Rail and/or Jo-Stok, and help jsoltren with Object Management.

I have been listening to a lot of harana lately. They are so cheesy, but I love them. I guess I'm pretty cheesy, even though I don't eat cheese.

I started cleaning the Yamato the other day, as she had a few splash marks on her, not to mention a positively filthy drivetrain. One thing sort of led to another, and before I knew it, I had the rear hub open again. I was going to repack the hub with fresh bearing balls and grease (mmm... greasy balls) and do the same for the bottom bracket, but I don't really have time right now, so I've closed it up for the time being. I did at least manage to get the drivetrain cleaned up a bit, and the frame wiped down for the most part.

That's all for now?

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